Wednesday, 18 November 2015


If you've preordered Command on Amazon, you'll need to read this post.

Amazon sent out the wrong file to all their preorders. They have now fixed this error but you will need to update your file. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

You can update your book by either of these two ways. I have tried doing the first option on mine and it didn't work but I am hopeful that it will soon. Readers are having success with contacting Amazon and getting them to help.

First, you can try this. 
1. Remove the book from your device.
2. Log into Amazon and go to Manage Content and Devices.
3. Click settings.
4. Scroll down and ensure that your Automatic Updates are ON
5. Hit Sync on your device
6. Then redownload the title and see if it has been corrected. 
If that doesn't work you can contact Amazon customer support here 
Please let them know that the correct file has been loaded to Amazon but the update did not push to your device. We ask that you not just say you have the wrong file, or they will create another investigation and take it off sale. Please just let them know the issue has been fixed via Amazon already but that your copy is not updating. They will be able to help walk you through getting an updated version to your device. 
Thank you for being understanding during this trying matter.
Nina xx

These distributors have not been affected: iBOOKS | B&N | KOBO

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