Tuesday, 28 July 2015



He’s been burnt by love.
Griff Hawkins keeps his pain locked away and the ghosts of his past buried even deeper. Three years ago, he chose the Storm MC as his family and accepted the ways of their violent world. These days, he lives his life with one rule – don’t get attached to anyone but his club.

She longs to be loved.

Sophia Barnes aches to know real love, and lives her life with arms wide open, ready to embrace the possibilities that come her way.

When Griff’s past is exposed and his place in the club is jeopardised, he fights for his family the only way he knows how, regardless of the consequences.  That is, until he meets the woman who brings him to his knees, giving him something to lose.

Can they teach each other to leave the sins of the past behind or will Griff's demons dictate their future?




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3 x Illusive paperbacks - each copy unique and annotated with commentary and notes from scenes as I wrote them.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Giveaway-A-Day FINALE: 70 Authors | 105 Winners

This month we have been celebrating a couple of things! I recently hit 13k likes on my Facebook page so of course we had to celebrate that, and also, I just released Be The One (my rockstar romance) on the 26th of June so we have been doing a giveaway-a-day throughout June to mark the occasion. We've reached the end of the month and we're sending it off with a BANG! I hope you've had as much fun with the giveaways as I have ♡ 

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to all of these wonderful authors for so generously donating to my GIVEAWAY-A-DAY FINALE. We have got everything from signed paperbacks and giftcards to swag & ebooks up for grabs! So many goodies!

A.M. Madden
AC Bextor
Alana Sapphire
Aleya Michelle
Aly Martinez
Alyne Roberts
Amity Cross
Ariadne Wayne
Author Karen Ferry
Autumn Jones Lake
Bijou Hunter
Bink Cummings
Brett Scott Ermilio
Cassia Brightmore
Chelle Bliss
Cherry Shephard
Clarissa Wild
D H Sidebottom
D.M. Earl
Elle Raven
Emily F Rose
Emma Fitzgerald
Evie Harper
Freya Barker
Gemma James
Gillian Jones
Harlow Brown
Ivy Stone
Jani Kay
K. Renee
Kandie Stixx
Kate Benson
Kate Bonham
Kathy Coopmans
Ker Dukey
Laramie Briscoe
Lissa Jay
Liz Lovelock
Lyra Parish
M. Mabie
Maria Macdonald
Mary E. Palmerin
Max Henry
Melissa Jane
Natalie Gayle
Nikki Groom
P.T. Michelle
R.B. Hilliard
Rachel Brookes
Rochelle Paige
Ryan Michele
Sapphire Knight
Sara Mack
Sarah Elizabeth
Savannah Stewart
Shari Slade
Silla Webb
Skyla Madi
Stacey Mosteller
Steph Nuss
Stephanie John
Stevie J. Cole
Susan Stoker
T.K. Leigh
T.L Smith
Theresa Troutman
Winter Travers

Enter below for your chance to be one of the 105 winners. Most prizes are international and entries close 11.59pm on July 7th ♡ 
Good luck xx

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