Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine's Day with J & Madison

I've had some readers request this Valentine's Day short story with Madison & J.
I hope you enjoy it!
I love writing these two and am looking forward to getting their novella out to you sometime in March.

                Warm breath tickled my neck and strong arms enveloped me from behind.  I leant back into him and placed my hands on his arms.  This was my safe place, and being with him like this drowned out the noise from the party that was in full swing around us.
                His lips brushed my neck and he murmured, “You’re driving me fucking insane in that dress, baby.  I need it off you and I need that soon.  How much longer do you want to stick around here?”
                We were at the Anti Valentine’s party at Scott’s house that Harlow had organised, and had been here for more than four hours now so I figured we could split anytime soon.  She wouldn’t be upset; nothing much fazed her and it was one of the reasons why I loved her so much.  Actually, Harlow was the best thing that had ever happened to my brother so I loved her unconditionally for that alone.
                I decided to play with J a little though.  “We can’t leave yet, we haven’t been here long enough.”
                He groaned in my ear and then moved his hand to cover my breast, fingers circling my nipple.  It was a good thing we were in a dark corner where nobody could see what he was doing.  J wouldn’t care either way; he’d fuck me wherever and whenever he could, but I preferred privacy.  “I don’t give a fuck how long we haven’t been here.  In ten minutes I’m taking you home so I can rip that fucking dress off you and taste your sweet pussy, so I’d suggest you say your goodbyes now.  We clear?”
                Heat sizzled throughout me; this was the side of J I loved the most.  His dirty mouth and bossy ways never failed to turn me on.  He moved his hand off my breast but I quickly stopped him and directed it back there.  “For the next five minutes I want your hands on me, J, and I want you to imagine tasting me and fucking me.  Then I’ll go and say goodbye and then you can take me home and rip my dress off.  Oh, and by the way, you’ll be buying me a new one.  Are we clear?”
                He growled, and gripped my breast harder.  “Fuck.  If you’re not careful I’ll be ripping this dress off here.”  His other hand came up to my other breast and he roughly kneaded both of them.  Lust for him took over both my mind and body, and I leant my head back on his shoulder and softly moaned with pleasure.  His erection pressed firmly into me and I reached around behind me to stroke him.  When my hand found him, his body jerked and he pulled away from me, dropping both hands from my breast and catching my hand in his.  “Fuck ten minutes, babe, we’re going now.”
                As he started to stalk towards the front door, I pulled on his hand to slow him down.  “J, I need to say goodbye, at least to Harlow and Scott.”
                He contemplated that for a second, and then replied, “Fine.  But make it quick, Madison.  No fucking about because my dick can’t take much more.  I need to be inside you.”
                I pulled his face down to mine and kissed him.  “I need that too,” I said softly as I ended the kiss. 
                His hand wrapped around my neck and he drew me closer to him so that our faces were only a breath apart.  Our eyes locked and his searched mine for a moment.  “Valentine’s Day is a load of fucking shit as far as I’m concerned but for some reason it’s making me want to tell you how much I love you, baby.  And even though we’re not married yet, you’re mine for fucking ever, even if this bloody wedding doesn’t go ahead.”
                Smiling at his possessiveness, I said, “J, this wedding is going ahead.  I know it feels like everything has been against it happening but trust me, it’s happening.  In less than two weeks I will be your wife, and you’ll be stuck with me forever.”
                “Thank Christ for that,” he muttered, and then a deadly serious look came across his face as he added, “I hope you know that I will never let you go.  Even if shit gets bad, I’m not letting you go.  I will fucking kill anything or anyone that comes between us if I have to.  And if you ever think about walking away, you’ll have a fucking fight on your hands, babe.”
                I pushed myself into him and pressed my lips to his, tasting him.  The sensations that his words caused in my body were amazing; he had the power to set me alight with desire from his words alone.  “That’s why I love you, J.  That you would fight for me, that you won’t let me go… that’s all I need.  I don’t need roses or chocolates on Valentine’s Day to know how much you love me.”
                “Good.  Now, find Harlow and Scott so we can get out of here.”
                Doing what he said, I found Harlow a couple of minutes later in the kitchen.  Of course she was in the kitchen; this girl could cook up a storm and every man in the club was in heaven whenever she visited the clubhouse with her food. 
                She saw me and her face lit up.  We hadn’t had much time to catch up tonight and I knew she’d be a little disappointed that we were leaving now but she’d understand.  “We’re going to head out now, honey,” I said.
                She took one look at J and nodded.  His intent to get me home must have been evident, and everyone knew not to mess with J.  Especially where I was concerned.  “Thanks for coming,” she said as she hugged me goodbye.  “Even though I dislike Valentine’s Day, I’ve got to say that I’m looking forward to the after party and it looks like you and J are too,” she whispered in my ear before letting me go.  Her eyes were twinkling and she laid a huge smile on me.
                I laughed and held up my hand in a defensive type gesture.  “I’ve told you before, I don’t want to hear the words sex and Scott in the same sentence, so don’t go there.  I don’t need to know those things about my brother.”
                Scott wandered into the kitchen at that moment, catching only my last sentence.  “What things don’t you need to know about me?” he asked as he stood behind Harlow and put his arm around her shoulders.  I watched as she sunk back into him, a content look crossing her face.
                “I don’t need to know about your after party activities.”
                He smirked.  “No, you definitely don’t need to know about that.  Nobody needs to know what I’ve got planned for Harlow tonight.”
                I held up both hands now.  “J and I are leaving now; before you say anymore.  Thanks for a great party.” 
                J was laughing by now.  “Thanks, brother.  I should have got you to start talking sooner.  Would have gotten Madison home a lot earlier if I had.”
                I smacked him on the chest and glared at him.  “Don’t encourage him.  Seriously, you two are wicked together.”
                “You’re forgetting one thing, Madison.  I don’t share Harlow with anyone and that means my lips are sealed.  What Harlow and I do at our private parties is between just the two of us so you never need to worry that you’re going to hear about it because that’s never going to fucking happen.”
                “Thank goodness for that,” I replied.  I couldn’t tell you why, but even though I loved sex and wasn’t a prude in any way, I didn’t want to know about my brother’s sex life.
                J slapped my ass.  “Time to go, babe,” he said before leaning down to whisper in my ear, “I’ve got a dress to rip off.”
                Scott let Harlow go and we hugged goodbye while J and Scott said goodbye.  Then he led me outside to his Jeep.  He’d had to drive that tonight rather than his bike due to what I was wearing.  Opening the door for me, he stood back and watched me, a small smile playing on his lips.
                “What are you smiling at?”
                “I’m just enjoying the show, babe.  Watching you in that dress is pure fucking heaven.”
                Leaning forward, I murmured, “It’s a shame you didn’t realise that all night I’ve had nothing on underneath it then, isn’t it?”
                I watched as he took this in; playing with J like this was one of my favourite things to do.  “Jesus fucking Christ, woman.  Get in the damn car now.”
                Smiling, I said, “Happy Valentine’s Day, J.”  And then I did what I’d been told.  

Thursday, 13 February 2014

4000 Likes Giveaway

I have some exciting news for you!!

Jani Kay and I have joined forces to bring you our 4000 Likes Giveaway!
We have both recently reached 4000 Likes on Facebook so thought it was a fabulous time to run a giveaway.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

From Australia With Love: Ronnie Strong Spotlight

I've loved being a part of the From Australia With Love Blog Hop and sharing some Aussie authors with you!  We have some amazing authors Down Under!

Today, I am happy to introduce you to Ronnie Strong.

Ronnie Strong: an introduction

I am pleased to be a part of From Australia With Love, a great showcase for Australian indie authors. I am a male author writing erotica. I write about relationships, desire and sex. So far, each of my stories has been quite different.

My first erotic novel, The Laundromat, ­was published two years ago.

This is the story of Petra, who dresses daringly, according to her instructions, for her walk to a nearby laundromat on Lygon St. She expects a tryst with Paul, her online lover, at this first meeting. This is the beginning of a journey, where she discards her inhibitions and finds an exciting life of sensual pleasure with new intimate friends. She discovers inner resources taking her on an ecstatic journey to a new future.
The Laundromat is available widely including from Kobo.

My second story, Dolphin Heat, is a short story and is available for free from many stores, but not Amazon due to its content.

 You can download Dolphin Heat from iTunes, this is the US link

Kate Gets Marks, a novella, is my most recent publication.

Kate is a happily married woman with children who lives and works in Melbourne. She finds herself becoming consumed by growing sexual feelings and desires. Despite her uncertainty, she decides to explore the idea of having a romantic sexual relationship outside her marriage. Letting go of her misgivings, she finally lets herself succumb to a night of unbridled passion. Kate Gets Marks is also available widely, including at the US Kindle Store

I knew that being a male author was a little unusual when I started two-and-a-half-years ago. Somehow it felt right when I found myself writing in the first-person from the point-of-view of a female protagonist. Doing this seemed more interesting to me as a writer. I really hoped women reading my writing would find it appealing and authentic.

To begin with, I kept my gender low key, even ambiguous, and until recently did not post photos of myself. I recently changed my mind on this issue and posted this one of me on Facebook. I got a few responses including this: “So, since you are a guy, it has made me wonder ... more than once ... how does he know all that shit about us (women)?”
Feeling flattered, I replied: “I think I would have to put it down to my powers of observation and imagination”. If my writing is good enough this probably shouldn’t be a big deal, but I have also recently participated in a short discussion of this topic on a friend’s blog. Some readers said they wouldn’t buy erotica written by a man. I understand this but I can’t undo being a man. Not easily anyway.

So, Ronnie is a fifty-five-year-old man, married with four kids, the two eldest from a previous relationship. My children, ranging in age from seven to twenty-five years of age know I write erotica. They aren’t interested in knowing anything more about it, which is understandable. My tolerant and loving wife doesn’t much care for my writing either; it is not her thing. I write under a pen name. I need to preserve my anonymity as I am employed in the public sector as a social policy researcher. I am qualified for this kind of work through my experience in advocacy and postgraduate studies, including a PhD. I also write and publish non-fiction and other writing under my other name. One day soon I hope to be writing full time.


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Sunday, 2 February 2014

A Perfect Moment by Becca Lee

A Perfect Moment by Becca Lee Extract

Walking into the hotel’s restaurant for breakfast next to a smiling Preston was simply awkward. After the whole towel incident, I wanted to ram my fist in his groin. The only problem with that was that it made me think of his groin, and then specifically his penis, and then sex. I was totally screwed. I was a crazy nervous wreck and was in desperate need of space and double choc chip cookie ice cream, yet from the moment his arrogant arse walked into my room, he hadn’t stopped grinning and sidling up to me at every opportunity. This included touching and the random kiss on my head, my shoulder, my cheek. Hell, I half expected him to throw himself on the floor so he could kiss his way up my calf.
My point was that it was frustrating, and sweet, and a whole lot of confusing. Nothing could or would ever happen between me and baby Preston. I’d deliberately started calling him that after the towel debacle. I knew it pissed him the hell off. Immature? Definitely. Satisfying? Absolutely.
I shuffled into the restaurant in desperate need for a bacon sandwich that baby Preston had promised me. I felt alcohol induced crappy and dehydrated. It took me awhile as I was wrapped up in thoughts of penises and bacon—not together necessarily, though it may have proved interesting—to realise that virtually the whole restaurant, filled up with Jo and Jackson’s family and friends, which meant Preston’s family too, and my parents, had all stopped their conversation and were openly gaping at us. It took all of ten seconds for individuals to nudge one another and smile over at us. We even got a couple of winks from Preston’s Uncle Bernie and one from his elderly next-door neighbour Dot.
My prayers weren’t answered. The ground didn’t open up and swallow me whole. I even stamped my left foot to double check, which inevitably sent a wicked pain through my head. To make the whole nightmare even more surreal and completely screwed up, Preston clearly thought that it would be hilarious to take hold of my hand and pull me toward the two empty chairs on our parents’ table. Of course, they were sharing a table; that’s what close friends did. 

Dumbfounded, I mindlessly allowed him to pull me along. As we edged closer, I played out the best scenario to get me out of what was likely to be an even more humiliating meal shared with both sets of parents than the one Jo and I experienced when we were ten years old. My mum and Kate, Jo and Preston’s mum, had decided that a Sunday evening meal with both our families would be the opportune time to discuss with us the facts about the menstrual cycle. My dad, who pulled out some paper and colouring pencils, then backed this up and proceeded to draw a detailed illustration. Jo and I had looked at one another in horror, clinging to each other in our mutual humiliation. It was then that Collin, their dad, had slapped down medium-rare steaks on our plates. The steaks had oozed with so much blood that we screamed, gagged and ran away to our tree house in Jo’s backyard.
Not to self: when you have children, no bloody steak, illustrations or family discussions.
So, this meal was going to be bad. The only play I could think of to avoid the two metres until I got to the empty chair was to fain sickness, which actually wasn’t too far from what I felt like. If I didn’t get bacon in my system soon, I would throw up, and I’d make damned sure I did so in Preston’s lap. Begrudgingly, I carried on along my path of humiliation and interrogation, Preston firmly holding my hand the whole way. 

*Unedited and subject to change. 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

First Glance by L.L. Hunter

Australian writers rock. We know it, and we love them. But it’s not always easy to discover the Australian talent that is right under our noses.

From Australia With Love Blog Hop introduces you to 18 Aussie authors across a variety of categories and genres. Each author is hosting three of their fellow blog hop participants between now and Valentine’s Day to let you find out more about them. So follow them on twitter, like their Facebook page and visit their blogs during the blog hop period to discover more great Australian writers.

And to show how much these Aussie authors love their readers, they’ve donated some great prizes for you to win!

Today, as part of this hop, I am hosting L.L. Hunter and am sharing her new release with you.  This book sounds great!   

Title: First Glance
Series: The Adelaide Paige Saga
Genre: NA contemporary/ romantic suspense/ crime
Warning: Contains violence and sex scenes. Not suitable for readers under 18.
Formats: eBook and Paperback
Release Date: January 31


What if you had the ability to see into the future? What if you knew how someone might die?
Would you do something about it?

This is Adelaide Paige’s dilemma.

She wakes up one day with the ability to see into the future, but she has no desire to be a savior. All Adelaide wants is to graduate college and to become a Forensic Scientist… maybe even date a little. She just wants an ordinary life.

But her world is turned upside down when two dead girls turn up at the local morgue where she works. Adelaide soon discovers that these cases are not your everyday cases, but there is a serial killer out there.
Someone who is murdering young women just like her.

She has a decision to make.

Choose to reveal her secret and risk losing those closest to her? Or remain in the background and let the police handle it?

Will Adelaide make the choice in time to save those she loves… or even herself… from a similar fate?

A thrilling NA contemporary novel from the author of The Garden of Eden, The Legend of the Archangel Series, and Treacherous.


Getting a call to come into work at three in the morning is not a new thing for me. I often expect it.
But I didn’t expect this.
“This better be important, Jim, if I’m giving up my warm bed for this.”
“It is Addy. I can assure you.”
“Ugh! Why are you so perky this time of morning!”
“I’m a vampire. I sleep during the day.” I shoot ice missiles at my unnaturally perky assistant as he strolls over the fridge to retrieve the reason I was called down here. In less than a minute he has the body bag on a gurney and wheeled in front of me and sliding onto the metal slab.
“It still gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it.”
I glance at him in confusion and anticipation and start to unzip the bag.
The face that greets me is not what I was expecting. I jump back with a shriek. Normally I am fine around dead bodies, being a morgue technician and studying forensic science, but nothing I have seen previously prepares me for this.
Lying on the slab in front of me pale and cold is a face more familiar to me than anyone else’s. It’s my face.

Author Bio

L.L. Hunter is the author of over 20 published works, including The Legend of the Archangel Series and The Garden of Eden. She has studied everything from veterinary nursing, forensic science, and dramatic arts, but has always known her true calling was to be an author. 

She has been writing since her teens - everything from fan fiction, to song lyrics, to plays and musicals. When not working on her next paranormal romance, she can be found at home in Australia, reading somewhere comfortable with one or both of her “fur babies.” Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @llhunterbooks, and her blog -

Stalk links:



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