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Roxie - Chapter 2


She's wild, carefree and sassy...
His total opposite.

She drives him crazy...
And yet, she's the only woman he wants.



“Holy shit on a stick, your girl Madison is well connected,” Bobby said as he gazed lustfully at Liam.  He’d arrived at work ten minutes ago and had hardly taken his eyes off the man ever since.
I thrust the broom at him.  “Stop eye fucking him and go and make yourself useful.  We’ve got glass that needs to be swept up.”
A devious grin spread across his face as he took the broom from me.  “Yes ma’am.”
I watched him go, wondering what the hell he was up to.  Bobby operated from one angle only; do anything and everything to get the guy in bed.  The look he’d just given me told me he was up to no good.  Oh well, it was Liam’s problem now, not mine.  And maybe, if Bobby annoyed the shit out of him, he would pack up and leave.
My other hairdresser, Tahlia, breezed in just as Bobby began his little performance for Liam.  She gawked at him as she walked through the shop and managed to hold in her laughter until she reached the back room where I was.
“Oh my God, Bobby has no shame,” she said, as she shook her head in disbelief.
I eyed him, and she was right.  He’d turned his task of sweeping up glass into a kind of dance and was sashaying his way around the shop, bending and shaking his ass in front of Liam as he went.  Liam seemed oblivious to it though which I needed to rectify if my plan of Bobby scaring him off was going to have any chance at success.
“I think you’ve got an admirer,” I pointed out as I made my way to where he was.
He’d been engrossed with something on his phone but looked up at me as soon as I spoke.  “Sorry?” 
I nodded my head in Bobby’s direction.  “You’ve inspired him.”
Liam’s gaze followed mine and he spent a moment watching Bobby as he gyrated his hips and puckered his lips in a kissing motion.  Not an ounce of surprise registered on Liam’s face before he turned back to me and murmured, “Perhaps some of his enthusiasm for me could rub off on you.”
Well, holy fuck, now I was the one who was surprised.  And not only at what he’d said but also at the shot of desire that coursed through me.  But I stood my ground; this man would not get to me.  “The only enthusiasm I’m feeling is for you to go back to your boss and tell him that I’ve got this situation under control.”
“It looks like we’ve got some work to do on your enthusiasm levels then, sweetheart, because this situation is not under control and I’m not leaving.”
His tone was commanding; the kind you didn’t dare mess with, but I wasn’t one to be messed with either.  I was just about to tell him exactly where to go when Bobby interrupted.
“Oh my, I do love a bossy man,” he sighed, while taking a break from sweeping. He ogled Liam instead.  “I, for one, am glad you’re not leaving, Mr. Bend-Me-Over-And-F -”
“Bobby!” I hissed, “For once in your life, zip that mouth.”  Bobby and I commenced non-verbal communication; the type where we said what had to be said with our eyes and flicks of our head.  After two years of working together, we had this down pat and knew exactly what the other was saying.  
After our quick dialogue, Bobby turned in a huff and stomped out to the back room.  I gave my attention back to Liam who was now casually leaning against the front counter, feet crossed at the ankles and chin in hand.  His amused eyes were focused solely on me.
“What?” I snapped.  I didn’t like the fact that he found this funny because I sure as hell didn’t.
He lifted his chin in Bobby’s direction.  “You should go easy on him; he’s just looking out for your best interests.”
“Some part of that statement might be true but mostly, Bobby just wants you to stick around because you’re hot.”  My mouth opened before my mind had a chance to even think about what I was saying.  Story of my life.  I mentally berated myself for my honesty.
Liam chuckled.  “So you do have some enthusiasm for me?”  His eyes twinkled with mischief and it had to be said, when Liam stopped being so serious, his hotness rating went through the roof.
His new playful mood flustered me and I dealt with it the only way I knew how; cranky Roxie took over.  “Just because I think you’re hot doesn't mean I’m enthusiastic about you sticking around.   Tell me what you need from me and then we can all get on with our work.”
He assessed me for another moment or so and then pushed off from the counter where he was resting.  His serious face was back on.  “I need to know if you’re aware of anyone who may have been following you or if you’ve been harassed by anyone lately.”
“Because if you have been followed or harassed, they might be the ones doing this.”
His forehead creased.  “What do you mean, no?”
“No, I haven’t been followed or harassed.”
He thought about that for another moment before asking, “Are you seeing anyone?”
“What does that have to do with this?”  He was really starting to irritate me with all these personal questions.
“I’m just trying to get the background here, Roxie.  I believe these break-ins have to do with either you or one of your staff so I need to know who is in your lives who might be responsible for them.”
As much as it irked me to admit it, he did have a point.  I had my own suspicions but after this last break-in, I was beginning to doubt myself.  “When you say, am I seeing anyone, what exactly does that mean?”
He looked puzzled.  “Last I knew, it meant are you dating anyone.”
He opened his mouth but quickly shut it again and paused before continuing, “Okay, you’re not dating anyone but are you involved with anyone in another capacity?”
“Do you mean, am I fucking anyone?”
His eyebrows arched.  “Yes, are you fucking anyone or are you spending time in any way with anyone,” he said with a slight shake of his head.  I was pretty sure from the look on his face that I’d managed to frustrate him.  Score one to me.
“Why yes, Liam, I am.  I fucked a guy three nights ago and I also fucked him early last week,” I informed him in my sugar sweet voice I reserved for when people really pissed me off.
The fucker didn’t even blink.  “I’m going to need a name.”
“Well, I don’t have a name.  I never stopped to ask him.”
He blinked.  
Score two to me.  
I smiled sweetly at him and waited for his response.
Finally, he muttered, “Fuck.”  
Score three to me.
We stared at each other for a minute or so and then he said, “Well, you’re going to have to find him because I need to know who he is.”
My eyes widened.  “You’re kidding, right?  I have no idea who he is or where he is.”
He smirked at me.  “Yeah you do; we just have to go back to wherever you found him before you screwed him.”
The bastard.  He knew what I was doing and now he was playing with me.
“Ah, no.  There’s no we in this, Liam.  I’ll go back by myself and find him.”
He shook his head.  “No, sweetheart, we’ll both go.  If you think I’m letting you out of my sight during this investigation, you can think again.”
My mouth dropped open.
Score one, two and three to Liam.



Jesus Christ, she was something else.  The little minx was fucking me around and doing a damn good job at it.  
My instructions for this job had been clear: get in and get out fast.  Zane was sure he knew who was behind the break-ins at Roxie’s hair salon so when Scott had called in a favour he hadn’t hesitated to agree to it.  However, I’d just spent the last hour going over this particular break-in with a fine tooth comb and I was convinced this was the work of someone else, not the crew that Zane thought.  I was also sure that Roxie had an idea of who was committing these break-ins.  Why she was keeping that to herself, I was yet to figure out.
She was currently glaring at me after I’d just informed her I’d be going with her to find this guy she’d slept with.  Fuck.  I had no idea why I’d said I would go with her and I also had no clue why she hadn’t challenged me on it because she sure as fuck had challenged me on everything else this morning.
Bobby broke the tension between us.  “Sweet cakes, your first client will be here in about ten minutes.  You right to do it or do you want me to take over?”  He winked at me and then suggested, “I could always take over here with Liam while you look after the clients.”
I had to hand it to him; he was persistent.  A good quality to have, but it wouldn’t get him far with me on this; I was one hundred percent a pussy man.  
“I think that Liam and I are finished here.”  She looked back at me.  “Is that right?”
“For now.  I’ve gotta take off to get to another job but I’ll be back when you close so that you and I can take care of the matter we just discussed.”
“You want to do that tonight?”  
I nodded.  “We need to find him as soon as possible.”
Bobby was confused.  “Who do you need to find?”
I didn’t answer him but rather waited for Roxie to tell him; it wasn’t my business to share her personal information.
She glared at me again; what for, I wasn’t sure.  “Apparently we need to find that guy I slept with the other night.  Liam’s convinced he might be the one breaking in.”
Women and their exaggerations never failed to shit me.  “I never said that, but I would like to clear him from the investigation,” I said calmly; much more calmly than I was feeling it on the inside.
My phone rang which made my fucking moment; I needed a break from Roxie and her attitude.  
It was Zane.  “Liam, you nearly finished with the hairdresser?”
“Yeah, but it’s not Red’s crew doing these break-ins so I’m going to have to spend some more time on this one.”
“Fuck,” he muttered, “Was hoping you wouldn’t say that.”
“I’m just about to leave and head over to the other job you emailed.”
“Good, I told them you’d be there in about twenty.”
“I’ll call you once I’m finished that one and let you know how it goes,” I promised and we ended the call.  I’d been working for Zane for about three years now and we had an easy work relationship; our thinking patterns were fairly similar which meant we didn’t have to explain ourselves too much and there were pretty much no miscommunications.  Just the way I liked it.
I turned back to Roxie but she’d left me and it looked like she was getting ready for her client.  This gave me a reprieve from her smart mouth; it also gave me a moment to rake my gaze over her.  She was unlike any woman I’d ever met; in looks and attitude.  She was so far from my type it wasn’t funny, and yet, the bulge in my jeans disagreed.  Roxie had long hair that was a mix of pink and purple, and a face full of makeup; far more makeup than I usually liked on a woman.  Her arms were covered in colour tattoos, as was the part of her chest exposed above her tank top.  And Christ, there were even more fucking tattoos on her neck.  I wasn’t a fan of tattoos on a woman; didn’t find them attractive at all.  She had on the tightest black jeans known to mankind and a loose, black tank top that flashed more of her breasts than I’d ever want a woman of mine to flash.  And those heels she was wearing?  How the hell a hairdresser stood for eight or more hours a day in heels that high was beyond me.
Zane had told me that Scott and his boys weren’t keen to work with her on this but that his sister had bugged them to help her.  After spending as little as ten minutes with her, I could see why they felt that way.  She was difficult, and full of attitude, but there was something else there; something I hadn’t put my finger on yet but I’d work it out.  Not to fucking mention the fact that her challenging nature turned me the fuck on.  God knew why, because it also frustrated the hell out of me.  Tonight would be interesting to say the least.

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She's wild, carefree and sassy...
His total opposite.

She drives him crazy...
And yet, she's the only woman he wants.

You may be aware that I'm writing a story titled Roxie.  If not, this is a story I'm writing for my newsletter subscribers.  I've had this story idea in my head for awhile now but I'm only getting around to writing it now - writing it each week and sending the chapters out as I go.  It's an interesting process for me because generally when I write a book, I get to a certain point and pull everything I've already written apart and start again.  So, I'm not sure where this will all end up but hey, it's fun as we go along, right?!  

I'm posting the first chapter here for anyone who missed it last week.  If you'd like to receive the chapters in your inbox each week, sign up here.

Please remember that this story is unedited.  Once I've finished writing it, I will be editing it and publishing it so you will get to read the final product then if you want to.

The Storm MC boys feature in this story!


Nina xx


Chapter 1


“You’re not listening to me, J.”  Seriously, how the hell Madison managed to be married to this man eluded me at the moment.  He was overbearing mixed with a side of asshole.
He breathed out a long, frustrated breath.  “Trust me babe, I’m listening; I’m just not fucking liking what I’m hearing.”
Was this guy for real?  “Yeah well it’s my life, my decision, and I say no.”  I dug my heels in.
He shook his head, pulled out his phone and made a call.  I waited, resolute that I wouldn’t budge on this.  Not taking his eyes off me, he spoke into the phone, “Madison, your girl here doesn’t want our help.  I’ve got better shit to do than to stand here arguing with her so I’ll give you five minutes with her and then I’m outta here.”  Without waiting for Madison to reply, he handed the phone to me.
I raised my eyebrows at him and then said to Madison, “How the hell do you live with him?”  He didn’t even flinch at that; I bet he knew what an asshole he could be, but just didn’t care.
“Roxie, I’ll share that secret with you another day but for now just listen to me.  Your hairdressing salon has been broken into three times in the last three weeks, you and the cops have no clue who’s doing it and you could really do with the help that J’s offering you.  I know you prefer to do things your way and I know you can be a stubborn bitch, but don’t do that this time.  Accept help for once in your life.”
“I’m fine on my own, really I am,” I promised her.  The last thing I wanted was for  a bossy man like J telling me what to do in my own business.  No, I’d sort this shit out on my own.  
She sighed.  “I do love you, but you’re hard work.  You know that, right?”
“You wouldn’t be the first person to tell me that,” I muttered, and handed the phone back to J.  He wasn’t the only one who had better things to do than to keep going over this.
He was silent while Madison said something to him.  A pained look crossed his face and then he said, “Fine, I’ll see you at home tonight and we’ll talk about this then.”  He ended the call and shoved his phone back in his pocket.
“Good, that’s sorted,” I said, my hands on my hips, waiting for him to leave.  
His angry glare didn’t leave my face and he replied, “If you think that’s Madison done, you don’t know her very well.  As far as I’m concerned we’re done, but when my wife gets an idea in her head she doesn’t let it go till she has her way.  And unfortunately for me, and you too, if she doesn’t end up getting what she wants, she has ways of making me come to the party, so I doubt this is the fucking end of it, babe.” 
“Trust me when I say that I’m not a pushover either, J.  I won’t be pushed into something I don’t want,” I assured him.
“Well it looks like we’re in for fun, fucking times then, doesn’t it,” he grumbled as he strode out the front door.  He left without a backwards glance and I slammed the door behind him.  Men!


Six hours later, I was elbow deep in hair colours, cuts and shitty customers.  To say my day wasn’t going that well was an understatement.  As soon as five o’clock hit, I was locking the front door, heading down to the pub on the corner and drowning my sorrows.
I turned at the sound of my name.  Bobby, one of my hairdressers, was motioning for me to come over to the front counter.  I lifted a finger in the air to indicate I’d be with him in one minute.  Shifting my attention back to my client, I decided not to rush.  Bobby could be the biggest drama queen sometimes.  I loved him to death but boy, he did my head in some days.
“Roxie, if you don’t get that padded ass over here right this minute -”
I whipped my head around and glared at him.  “Did you just say that my ass is padded?”
He fixed a smile on his face and nodded.  “Yes doll, that’s exactly what I said.  Now get over here so I can show you something.”
I stalked over to where he was, ready to punch him.  He knew me well though, and raised his hands in a defensive gesture.  
“I work this ass hard and you fucking know that -” I began to say before he cut me off.
“Settle petal, I didn’t mean it.  I just needed to get your bloody attention.”  He pointed outside.  “Look at that beautiful specimen of man meat.”  He ended his statement on a sigh and I turned my gaze in the direction he’d pointed.
“Holy shit,” I murmured; he was right.  Walking towards us was a tall, well built guy who was covered in tats; he looked like sex on legs.
“Oh good Lord in man heaven, I think he’s coming in here!” Bobby exclaimed.  He narrowed his eyes on me.  “He’s mine sweet cheeks, and don’t you fucking argue.  You got to talk to that sinfully sexy biker dude this morning so it’s only fair that this one is for me.”
I rolled my eyes.  “That biker dude from this morning might look hot, but he’s an asshole.  If he ever comes back in here, he’s all yours.”
“Thanks, but first I’m having this one.”  He shoved me out of the way as he fell over himself to get to the guy the moment he pushed through the door.  “Why hello, gorgeous.  To what do we owe the pleasure?”  His voice practically purred the words and I stifled a laugh.  I realised now that I’d actually met this man before; at Madison’s wedding a few weeks ago.  I couldn’t remember his name though. 
The guy flashed Bobby a huge smile and then blessed me with one as well.  He reached out to shake Bobby’s hand and said, “Hi, man.”
Bobby just about melted on the spot.  Goodness, this was too funny.  The guy was obviously not gay but Bobby was so over the top confident that he always thought he had a shot with every man he met.  “Lovely to meet you.  I’m Bobby, and your name is?”
“Nash,” he answered, and then looked at me, “And you must be Roxie.”
That’s right; Nash. “Yes, I’m Roxie.  Let me guess, Madison sent you?”
His chuckle filtered through the room drawing my clients’ attention, and they ogled him and all his gorgeous muscles.  “Pretty obvious, huh?”
“Yeah, and the answer is still no.”
“Sweet thing, it should be a no brainer for you.  You’ve got a problem that we can help you with.  You obviously need some help figuring out who keeps breaking in and that kind of work is my specialty.”
I sighed.  “You guys just don’t get it.  I don’t want any help with this; I’m quite capable of handling my own shit.”
He considered that for a moment.  “Why are you resisting this?  You and Madison have become good friends over the past few months; she just wants to help out a friend.  There’s no hidden agenda here, babe.”
“I know.  But let’s just say that I have my reasons, and leave it at that.”
Bobby decided to wade into the conversation at that point.  “I vote we let Nash help you on this one, sweetie.”
I scowled at him.  “Shut it, Bobby.  You just want an excuse to perv on Nash.”
“You know me too well.  Please tell him yes,” he pleaded.
Nash chuckled and jerked his thumb at Bobby.  “You should listen to your friend here.”
“You’re not hearing me.  I’ve said no and that’s the end of it.  And please tell Madison not to send anymore men.”  I considered that for a moment.  “No, scratch that, I’ll tell her myself.”
The smile that had touched Nash’s lips a moment ago gave way to a perplexed look.  “I swear to God, I will never figure women out.  One minute you’re screaming for our attention when you feel you’re not getting it and then when we fuckin’ offer it, you slam the door in our face.”  
I shrugged.  “What can I say?  We’re a law unto ourselves.  Plus we’ve gotta keep you men guessing; shit gets boring otherwise.”
He shook his head.  “Some days I’d just like shit to be boring, babe.”
“Yeah well today’s not your lucky day, hot stuff.”
“You send me away, it might be your last chance at Storm helping you.  You good with that?”
“I’m more than good with that.”
He assessed me for a moment longer before saying, “Okay, we’re done here.”  And with that, he turned and sauntered out, leaving Bobby open mouthed and stunned.  He sent me a foul look.  “Why the hell didn’t you say yes?”
“Bobby, the last thing we need is those bossy bikers in our business.  Like I said, I’ve got my reasons and for the moment it’s best not to involve them.”
“And what if you decide in the future that you do want them, what then?  I don’t think they’ll be back; your chance is gone.”
I had to smile at his naivety.  I cocked my head to the side and asked, “Do you really think that if I begged Madison for help later on that she wouldn’t be able to convince her husband to step in and help?”
Understanding dawned on his face.  “I see your point.”
“Right, so can we please get back to work now?  I’ve got a date with a bar stool in about an hour and I don’t want to be late.”


Two days later, I was on my way to work when Madison called me.  “How’s my favourite hairdresser?” she asked.
“Tired and grumpy.”
Her laugh tinkled softly through the phone.  “You’re always tired and grumpy in the morning, Roxie.”
“Yeah, well who the hell wants to be out of bed so bloody early?  Not me, babe.”
“Maybe you should have gone into a different line of work; something you could do at night.”
“Perhaps I should ask your brother for a job at the strip club,” I muttered.  It was way too early to be engaging in conversation.
“Oh God no.  You’d suck at that.”
“Are you saying I couldn’t shake my thing as well as the other chicks he’s got working there?”
Laughing again, she said, “I’ve seen you shake your thing and you could definitely keep up with those girls.  No, what I meant was that you wouldn’t put up with the dirty men and the way they stare and try to touch.  You’d be trying to punch them; you’d be bad for business, hon.”
I yawned and scrubbed my hand over my face.  She was right; there was no way I’d put up with men pulling that shit on me.  Hell, I couldn’t even understand how Harlow worked the bar in that joint.  “You’ve got a point,” I agreed before asking, “Why are you calling me so early?”
“I’m just checking in with you to see if you’ve changed your mind on Nash helping you work out who keeps breaking in and trashing your shop.  Plus I need to reschedule my appointment.”
“I haven’t changed my mind and as for your appointment, I’m not at the shop yet so can you just text me what you want to change it to and I’ll sort that out once I get there.”
“Bloody hell, woman.  Why do you have to be so damn stubborn?”
I was just about to answer her when I rounded the corner to my shop and discovered to my extreme anger that someone had smashed my window yet again.
“Motherfucker,” I snapped.  “Sorry Madison, I’ve gotta go,” I said and ended the call.  I took in the mess before me.  Broken glass every-fucking- where and graffiti on the one window they hadn’t smashed.
Shit.  That didn’t quite fit with the message he’d left me the other day and now I was left wondering if my theory was right.
“Mean something to you?” a deep voice rumbled from behind me and I jumped in shock.  I’d thought I was alone.
I spun to face whoever was there and sucked in a breath at the sight in front of me.  He was tall.  He had muscles trying to shove their way out of the fitted black tee he’d covered them with.  His hair was black, thick and slightly wavy so that it fell across his eyes.  And good, fucking gracious, the scruff on his face just about made my legs collapse under me.  
“Who are you?” I breathed out.
He whipped his sunglasses off to reveal an intense set of green eyes.  Without answering me, he pulled his phone out of his jeans and strode over to the window with the graffiti, and took a photo.  He then returned to where I was and began taking photos of the rest of the mess.
I grabbed for his arm and hit rock hard muscle on his bicep.  “I asked you a question,” I said, annoyed at being ignored.  
He stopped taking photos and focused those gorgeous eyes on me.  There was a flicker of something there; I wasn’t sure what though.  It was like an untamed energy; something definitely swirled beneath the surface of this man and it unsettled me while at the same time unleashed butterflies in the pit of my stomach.  And damn, for the first time in a very long time, I was unsure of myself.  
“I’m Liam,” he stated as if that answered any and all questions I might have.
I raised my eyebrows.  “Care to elaborate?”
His eyes shifted between mine, and it appeared that he was carefully scrutinising everything in front of him; the shop, the mess and me.  Most definitely me.  And it unnerved me even more than he already had.  Eventually, he spoke, “Zane sent me to help you with your security issues.”
I threw my hands up in the air.  “And who the hell is Zane?”
His phone rang at that moment.  “Yeah,” he answered it.  He listened to whatever the person on the other end said and then he replied, “I’ve got Roxie in front of me and they’ve smashed her windows again.  I’m just about to take a look inside.”  He listened some more and then said, “Later, man.”  His phone was shoved back in his jeans and then he stepped around me and entered my shop through the broken window.
I swivelled around to see what he was doing.  My patience was wearing thin; who the hell did he think he was just waltzing in like this without giving me any answers as to who he was?  Stepping through the window, I followed him and repeated my question, “Who is Zane?”
He didn’t answer; instead he turned his head to look at me, gestured at the inside of the shop and instructed, “Don’t touch anything before I take some more photos of the inside.”  He then turned back around and kept walking.
“For the love of God, tell me who the hell Zane is!” I yelled, having reached the end of my tether.
He came to a halt and laid his gaze on me again.  His energy rippled through the air and filled the room.  It hit me hard and caused that fluttery sensation in my stomach again.  Damn.  That was the last thing I wanted to feel for this exasperating man.
“Zane is my boss.  He runs Stone Security and we were called in on this job by Scott Cole.  Any other questions you have while we’re at it?”
“Those bloody bikers,” I muttered under my breath.
He stood still, assessing me and waiting to see if I had anything else to say.  When I didn’t say anything else, he continued, “We’re good to go?”
Oh hell no, we were so far from good to go it wasn’t funny.  “No, we’re not.  I never asked for you to be given this job so you can just leave now before we go any further.”  I crossed my arms in front of me and waited for him to go.
He quirked a brow at me.  “So you’re going to just keep letting this shit happen then?  This is what, your fourth break in this month?  Seems to me that you could do with the help, sweetheart.”  
There was that damn energy of his again, radiating out from him.  It was confusing my senses and I couldn’t think straight.  
Before I could say anything he spoke again, “I hate to break it to you but this doesn’t look like a random break in to me.  Given that it keeps happening and that they aren’t stealing anything.  And that graffiti?  That’s the first time they’ve done that, isn’t it?”
I hesitated for a moment.  I really didn’t want to admit my suspicions to him.  “Yes, that’s the first time they’ve graffitied the building.”
He nodded.  “Right, so this is escalating and I’m taking over the investigation.  No ifs or buts because this shit can quickly turn nasty from here on out.”
He resumed poking around while I stood like a stunned idiot and just let him take over.  I decided I needed coffee to deal with this; he could go jump if he thought I wasn’t touching the kettle.  It was way too early for this shit and I needed sustenance.

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Getting To Know J

Today we're going to have a little bit of fun... getting to know J a little better!

J seems to have captured the hearts of many of you.  I get a lot of messages telling me that after meeting all the Storm MC boys, they still love J the most.  "There's just something about that man" seems to be the consensus.  

WARNING: Spoilers ahead.  If you haven't read Blaze, don't read anymore of this post.

Name: Jason "J" Reilly
Age: 31
Date of Birth: 10th August
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Dark (almost black)
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 96kg
Tattoos: Sleeve tattoo on his left arm; anchor tattoo with Madison's name in it on his chest; circle tattoo also on his chest that has the following dates on it: the date he and Madison got together, the date they got back together and their wedding date; Storm MC tattoo on his back.

Favourite bands: Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Daughtry, Hinder, Kings of Leon
Favourite TV Shows: Doesn't watch a lot of TV but likes Breaking Bad
Favourite Movies: Anything with action in it; hates romance movies ("Swear to God, Madison, you mention the words romantic comedy, and my fucking dick shrivels up.") Loves the Die Hard series, Fast and the Furious series, Gone In Sixty Seconds.
Favourite books: Doesn't read 
Favourite food: Steak.  J's not fussy; he'll eat pretty much anything except for sushi... don't give him that shit!
Favourite colour: Black
Favourite sport: NRL (footy) - he is a Brisbane Broncos supporter; also likes to watch motor racing.  In October each year, you won't move him from the couch as he watches the Bathurst 1000.
Current bike: Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide 

Bad Habits: Quick temper
Things that irritate him: When Madison yells through the house for him to come to her, the way that Madison starts projects and then leaves them for him to finish, cats, rubbish left in the car rather than taken out and placed in the bin, people who continually ask questions while he is trying to watch a movie, lost socks, Christmas in July (it's in December for fuck's sake and celebrating it once a year with Madison and all her fucking decorating is enough!), when the towel is missing from the bathroom just after you've showered, when Madison can't find shit in her huge handbag (get a small one for fuck's sake), when Madison lets the fuel run right down before filling the car, people who hit snooze on their alarm over and fucking over (set the fucking thing for the time you want to get up rather than an hour before)... yeah, J is irritated by a lot of things and I had to stop there or else he'd still be listing them ;)

Interview with J

What attracted you to Madison?
Have you seen her fucking legs?  Apart from her legs and tits, her tough attitude and the fact that she doesn't take crap from anyone.  It annoys the shit out of me sometimes... okay, most of the fucking time, but it turns me on more than anything.

What's your perfect date?
Well, I'd be happy to skip the date and get straight down to business but if I had to take her somewhere, I'd take her on a long ride and then hopefully we'd find a pub somewhere so we could play some pool.  Madison loves to play and I let her win most of the time.  She feels bad for beating me and to make it up to me she usually gives me the best fucking head job afterwards. *grins*

So tell me, how many kids do you want?
*grins again* I love the idea of little J's running around, annoying the shit out of Madison so let's say at least three.  

What if you had three girls, J?  How will you cope with them dating?
*looks stressed*  Fuck, I hadn't thought of that. *runs hand through hair* 

J doesn't finish answering that question; he's highly agitated so I change the subject...

Okay, last question for you... Do you think that you and Nash will ever become good friends?
Fuck, you like the hard questions, don't you?  *shrugs*  I don't know... I'm trying but he still pisses me off.