Thursday, 23 October 2014

9000 Likes Giveaway

WOW!  I hit 9000 Likes on my Facebook page!


It's been almost a year since I began publishing the Storm MC series and what a year it's been.  You've helped make this one of the best years of my life and I've set up a giveaway to celebrate the 9k likes but also to show my appreciation for all your amazing support.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I really can't thank you enough though!

While I've got your attention, let me tell you about some of the things I have planned for November!!

We celebrate my 1 year publishing anniversary on the 21st November which also happens to be the day Slay is released.  I can't wait!  And because I can't wait, we're (yeah, I'm dragging you along for the ride too!) going to start celebrating on the 1st November...

Keep your eye out for something on my Facebook page that day!

I'll be attending a lot of release parties and blog takeovers in November with lots to give away so also keep an eye out for when I announce those (I will be emailing this schedule out to my newsletter subscribers soon so join that list if you're not on you can get an extra entry into the 9K Likes giveaway if you join the list!)

Join the newsletter here.

Storm MC Trivia Night

Join in the fun and catch up on all your Storm knowledge just in time for the release of Slay!

You'll need to join this group to take part.

Slay Release Party

Do I have a line up of bikers for you!!!
I've got some amazing author friends bringing their bikers along to help me celebrate the release of Slay.

Nina xx


  1. I have so enjoyed being around for the ride. You are an awesome author and I love being a Levine Ladies.

  2. Congrats Nina, I'm looking forward to helping you celebrate xxx

  3. Hi,
    I am just wondering if the winners were annoucned