Wednesday, 12 February 2014

From Australia With Love: Ronnie Strong Spotlight

I've loved being a part of the From Australia With Love Blog Hop and sharing some Aussie authors with you!  We have some amazing authors Down Under!

Today, I am happy to introduce you to Ronnie Strong.

Ronnie Strong: an introduction

I am pleased to be a part of From Australia With Love, a great showcase for Australian indie authors. I am a male author writing erotica. I write about relationships, desire and sex. So far, each of my stories has been quite different.

My first erotic novel, The Laundromat, ­was published two years ago.

This is the story of Petra, who dresses daringly, according to her instructions, for her walk to a nearby laundromat on Lygon St. She expects a tryst with Paul, her online lover, at this first meeting. This is the beginning of a journey, where she discards her inhibitions and finds an exciting life of sensual pleasure with new intimate friends. She discovers inner resources taking her on an ecstatic journey to a new future.
The Laundromat is available widely including from Kobo.

My second story, Dolphin Heat, is a short story and is available for free from many stores, but not Amazon due to its content.

 You can download Dolphin Heat from iTunes, this is the US link

Kate Gets Marks, a novella, is my most recent publication.

Kate is a happily married woman with children who lives and works in Melbourne. She finds herself becoming consumed by growing sexual feelings and desires. Despite her uncertainty, she decides to explore the idea of having a romantic sexual relationship outside her marriage. Letting go of her misgivings, she finally lets herself succumb to a night of unbridled passion. Kate Gets Marks is also available widely, including at the US Kindle Store

I knew that being a male author was a little unusual when I started two-and-a-half-years ago. Somehow it felt right when I found myself writing in the first-person from the point-of-view of a female protagonist. Doing this seemed more interesting to me as a writer. I really hoped women reading my writing would find it appealing and authentic.

To begin with, I kept my gender low key, even ambiguous, and until recently did not post photos of myself. I recently changed my mind on this issue and posted this one of me on Facebook. I got a few responses including this: “So, since you are a guy, it has made me wonder ... more than once ... how does he know all that shit about us (women)?”
Feeling flattered, I replied: “I think I would have to put it down to my powers of observation and imagination”. If my writing is good enough this probably shouldn’t be a big deal, but I have also recently participated in a short discussion of this topic on a friend’s blog. Some readers said they wouldn’t buy erotica written by a man. I understand this but I can’t undo being a man. Not easily anyway.

So, Ronnie is a fifty-five-year-old man, married with four kids, the two eldest from a previous relationship. My children, ranging in age from seven to twenty-five years of age know I write erotica. They aren’t interested in knowing anything more about it, which is understandable. My tolerant and loving wife doesn’t much care for my writing either; it is not her thing. I write under a pen name. I need to preserve my anonymity as I am employed in the public sector as a social policy researcher. I am qualified for this kind of work through my experience in advocacy and postgraduate studies, including a PhD. I also write and publish non-fiction and other writing under my other name. One day soon I hope to be writing full time.


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